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The European French Cut

European Oak, is all in the Grain.  The difference is in the technique used to cut the log.  By taking a Square approach to log cutting, a new method was devised for plank production. Now known as the “French Cut”, European mills begin with a square from the center of the log, (the cant) and slice through it in square intervals.  Since the center has a slower growing cycle, its grain profile is more compact, producing a tighter, unified grain.  The result is a wider plank, usually cut in widths of 5” to 10” with the inherent characteristic of a “Plain Sawn” look at the center and finer features of a “Quarter Sewn” and “Rift” cut, at its outer regions.

Long & Wide Plank Sizes

Majestic Wide Plank offers a great selection of pre-finished wide plank flooring in a variety of widths and in an extensive range of wood species. We provide custom stains and your choice of floor finishes to create a unique flooring of timeless elegance. We recognize the benefits of natural, eco-friendly wood finishes. Our coating services include natural oils and heated hard waxes. Wide plank flooring is perfect for your home or cottage, providing years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Reclaimed Heritage Wide Plank


Reclaimed Heritage Wide Plank brings beauty to your floor.  It is "Flooring Art", with a rustic appearance, featuring a deep patina and rich colour.  With saw marks, blemishes and nail holes, it's ideally suited for high traffic areas. The beauty and style of Heritage Flooring is enhanced with oil finishes, providing protection and a natural feel. For people searching for a 'one-of-a-kind', warm, cozy, rustic look, reclaimed Heritage Wide Plank is the perfect choice.

Antique Finishes

The true beauty of wood is enhanced with oils. stains and waxes. Many native woods can be transformed into radiant works of "Flooring Art".  Following in the steps of flooring pioneers,  Majestic Wide Plank finishes are environmentally friendly and add years of life to your flooring.


Fumed French Oak

The French Fumed Oak collection  is one of our most unique flooring products.  Its natural tones are an extremely popular choice in both modern and traditional interiors. A rich, chocolate colour and oiled finish give Fumed Oak its captivating appearance. French Dark Brown or Black Fumed Oak flooring can be floated, glued or nailed down.


Burnt Oak - Evoke Masculine Tones

The appearance of a Burnt Oak Floor is dramatic, rich and alluring. Our unique ‘Burnt Oak’ process, is applied by a gentle open flame. Each board is masterfully torched. Shadow like in appearance, the metamorphosis of European oak, into  "Burnt Oak", results in a superior wood plank with unique visual characteristics. Genuine “Flooring Art” that cannot be artificially replicated. 

Chevron & Herringbone - Add Your Touch In Design Creation

We offer Chevron & Herringbone as traditional patterns for flooring design, but we can offer so much more.  Consider customizing your flooring pattern with a distinct mosaic, or a design completely of your own creation. We can do that.  We are limitless when it comes to the canvas of "Flooring Art."

Fumed Acacia - Add a White Wash

Fuming Acacia alters the planks natural appearance. The Acacia grains become engorged, accentuating the natural, deep, dark tones within the wood. The process changes the natural colour and brings out varying shades of medium brown to almost black.  Sometimes graduating along and across the plank, colour variations lend to an interesting "Boutique" alternative. Finished with a fine oil, our Fumed Acacia is "Flooring Art" with a uniquely distinct, surface appeal.

Settler's Pine - Create Unique Flooring

Majestic offers a stunning Settler's Pine Collection.  We feature solid or engineered, Weathered Pine, Weathered Limed Pine and Antique Pine, all with original circular sawmill marks. Wall and ceiling cladding is also available.

Custom stains give you a great opportunity to create one of a kind "Flooring Art."

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