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Whenever damp mopping oil or hard wax oil finished wood plank floors,

we recommend the use of WOCA Natural Soap. Formulated for regular

cleaning of oil finished wood flooring, it will maintain and protect your floor,

adding years of visual enjoyment to your home.


Follow these steps for cleaning your floor with *WOCA Natural Soap:


1. WOCA Natural Soap is only used when damp mopping the wood floor.

For daily cleaning, a dry vacuum or broom should be used for removing

dust, loose debris etc. Damp mopping with the Natural Soap is designed to

remove caked on dirt, stains etc. How often you clean your floor with WOCA

Natural Soap, will depend on the amount of traffic your flooring endures.


2. Mix 125 ml of Natural Soap into 5 litres of lukewarm water – WOCA

recommends that you always work with 2 buckets: one with the soap mixture and one with just water for rinsing mop.


3. Always wring out a mop, so that minimal water goes on the floor. Mop in a length-wise fashion with the planks and briefly leave on the mixture to help dissolve caked on dirt and grime.


4. Rince the mop with clean water, ensure the mop is hard-wrung and mop back over the floor removing the dirty soap water from the floor. Avoid leaving excess water on the floor.  Follow the link to watch video demonstration /29274965.  Important Note: only WOCA cleaning/maintenance products are to be used on these oil or hard wax oil finished floors.

For more information on our cleaning and care products for your floor, please feel free to contact us: Majestic Wide Plank

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Natural Colour Change/Fading:

Wood floors are susceptible to slight colour change/fading when exposed to intense sunlight. Limit exposure through the use of drapes, or other window treatments to protect your floor from excessive light. Rotate your rugs and furniture to help ensure that the colour of the floor remains even as it gradually ages.



Like all natural wood products, plank floor systems expands and contracts in response to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

By controlling the environment, maintaining an adequate temperature and relative humidity, you will minimise the visible effects of 

seasonal contraction and expansion of your floor. Optimum recommended temperature is 68°F – 72°F and relative humidity is 40% - 55%.

In very dry climates, the use of a humidifier is recommended.


Sub-surface heating systems:

Majestic Wide Plank Engineered Wood Floors, are ideally suited for sub-surface heating systems. A surface temperature of 29° Celsius must not be exceeded by either hot water or electrical heating systems. The use of temperature indicators is absolutely necessary.

Caution: Placing items requiring large floor space such as large furniture, low Futon beds, heavy carpets, over a heated floor surface, one risks trapping the heat. This will invariably result in overheating! Screeds need to be dried out according to their standard before the installation of the floor.



We suggest that the floor is covered with paper or cardboard, post installation, to prevent wear and dirt penetration due to construction. 

DO NOT, tape paper or cardboard to the surface of the floor. NEVER use plastic. It will not allow the floor to breathe.

Floor covering is generally performed by the installer.



If you need to repair damage to the floor due to scratches or tough dirt/stains, please contact Majestic Wide Plank, for specific instructions or to have a professional come in and do it for you.

Majestic Wide Plank / 1.705.796-7191 /



• Never use tape or other adhesive products on the floor's surface.

• Attach proper floor protectors on moveable furniture that sit directly on the floor.

• Caster wheeled chairs should have wide casters and a protective mat should be used under office chairs.

• Keep pet nails trimmed and filed in order to minimise excessive wear.

• Place high-quality floor mats and area rugs near outside entrances to prevent dirt, sand and other unwanted substances from being tracked  directly onto the flooring. Also, if you have wood flooring in your kitchen, a throw rug with a soft or felt backing should be placed in front of the sink area to catch spills and splashes.

• Avoid non-ventilated mats or rugs such as those that are rubber backed.

• Wipe up spills and spots immediately using Natural Soap Spray.

• Avoid leaving an excessive water when cleaning with WOCA Soap. Always dry mop after cleaning.

• Do not use ammonia or oil-based wax, polish, household dust treatment chemicals, abrasive

cleaners, furniture cleaners or any other non-WOCA brand product to clean your floor.

• Only WOCA products should be used to clean your floor, which can be purchased from your flooring retailer or

• Refer to the label or specific instructions for the use of any WOCA products, before using.

• Excessive moisture should be avoided (wet shoes, umbrellas left on floor etc) as it can cause swelling and discoloration.

• Always use a damp/well wrung out mop when carrying out care & cleaning procedures.

• Always use two buckets – one for the care product and the other for clean water, (change when dirty) to rinse the mop. Do not pour out the       soapy water on the floor !

• Do not use micro-fibre cloths/mops.

• Never clean the floor with only water.

• Maintain adequate humidity levels in the room. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier, if necessary. Optimum recommended temperature is 68°F – 72°F and relative humidity is 40% - 55%.

• Periodically check for signs of surface wear of the floor.

• When signs of wear are visible, it is time to rejuvenate your floors.



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