"We arePassionate about our Floors"

Our Thoughts

At Majestic Wide Plank, producing exquisite collections of wide plank flooring is a form of art that involves a team of dedicated flooring experts.  From our Design Interpretation team, to our Milling and Finishing departments, each individual is dedicated to our Master Artisans' guarantee of the highest quality, in the creation of  fine art flooring.

"It is the fine art of ‘Interpretation' that allows us to take your imagination and

transform it to your own unique flooring art".


Driven to produce long lasting, masterfully crafted wood flooring products, we offer affordable luxury in wide plank flooring customization.  We are very particular in the selection of our wood species which are derived exclusively from North America and Europe.  Our custom flooring pallet is complemented by our vast array of exquisite reclaimed 'Flooring Art'. 


While you can choose your flooring from our exclusive collection of wide plank flooring art, we urge you to experience our uniquely decadent,  Design Interpretation process, where   you  become the central artist in the design of truly unique flooring. We invite you to book our showroom and present your design pallet where the creation of the most unique flooring begins.  The flooring you have never seen and cannot be duplicated.


Proudly Canadian, our manufacturing facility is located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.