Maintenance Mantra

These guidelines apply to any wood floor. Following them will help your floor go longer between recoating and resanding:

-Sweep and/or vacuum the floor as often as possible.

-Never, ever wet-mop a floor.

-Only use cleaners that are recommended by major wood floor finish or wood floor manufacturers.

-Use walkoff mats and area rugs at all doorways.

-Put floor protectors on the bottom of all furniture and anything else that might rub on the wood floor.

-Wipe up all spills immediately. Products such as Kool-Aid will stain most finishes if left on the floor.

-Keep pet nails trimmed. Know that dogs running through the house will scratch any finish.

-Consider using runners/area rugs in high-traffic areas.

-Keep your home at normal living conditions for your area—no extremes of humidity or temperature.

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